The Aadarsh Yuva Mission Human Welfare's internship program


For more than 9 years, our internship program has provided an enriching and rewarding learning experience for students in all majors, with varying career aspirations. Designed to expose students to the workings of philanthropy and civil society, this internship emphasizes building skills and navigating the nuances of working in a professional setting.

Aadarsh Yuva Mission Human Welfare interns are embedded in teams, and work alongside professionals in operations and grant making. Assignments vary by department, but generally include administrative, analytical, research, and special project support. Interns are invited to attend all-staff events and intern-only weekly learning sessions, which include meetings with senior foundation staff and opportunities to learn about business etiquette, build networking skills, and discuss career planning. They also receive professional development and networking opportunities that lead to meaningful, lasting relationships with staff.

Who should apply to AYMHW

To be eligible for consideration, candidate must:

  • Be full-time rising junior or senior graduates/undergraduates
  • Be permanent residents of the India
  • Receive needs-based financial aid
  • Commit to a full-time schedule for the duration of the program

When and where it conducts

The program lasts for six weeks during the summer and four weeks during the winter, starting in the first week of June and Third week of December at the Aadarsh Yuva Mission Human Welfare office.

Become part of a organization

One of the most valuable aspects of the program is the opportunity to build relationships. As an intern, you’ll have access to your immediate peer group—ambitious and impact-driven individuals like yourself. You’ll be assigned a mentor to meet with regularly, and be encouraged to network with staff who are generous with their time and happy to share their own experiences with you. The intern community creates space for robust discussions, broadening your knowledge while creating meaningful connections.

To apply

Applications are now open.

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